(A little bit of) trouble in Toowoomba

I spent the last three days driving to Toowoomba to visit friends I haven’t seen for over a year. M has Alzheimers and mobility problems. And her husband B has heart problems. They’re both in their late 70s. They’re a bit isolated where they are, having recently moved to Queensland. So it’s been difficult with them being so far away, and with interstate travel being problematic until recently.

I was really looking forward to seeing them both and talking to M about art. She’s recently revived her interest and I’ve started watercolour painting. However, I arrived to discover they’d both just tested positive to Covid. Argh!

So, while letting their dogs and mine (who chased their two chooks around too) play in the backyard, I got on the phone to make other plans. I was feeling so disappointed.

I camped at Toowoomba Showgrounds. The weather wasn’t great for camping, and with rain falling I threw a tarp over my leaky window – concerned it was still leaking after having VW replace the door seal last week. Alas, when I woke the next morning, I discovered the water I’d diverted away from the door had run around the bottom edge of the pop-top and it was quite wet. My bed was a tiny bit damp in one corner – nothing drastic. But of course I pulled off the tarp and got the fan and hairdryer onto the canvas in the hope of drying it before the next shower. Easier to monitor a leaking door with a strategically placed towel!

But wasn’t all bad news. Have a look at this beautiful evening sky.

Evening sky over the Showgrounds

Update 8 May: It seems my diagnosis of a still-leaking door may have been incorrect. After the tarp incident, I left the door alone yesterday and overnight and although there was 17mm of rain, the door stayed dry. Maybe the perceived leak at Mt Beauty was due to heavy internal condensation?

Update 11 May: Arrived home feeling exhausted from all the driving – over 3000 kms. Note to self – next time take it much slower. Do shorter drives to make the trip less daunting.

On the way home I called in to Trakka HQ at Mt Kuring-Gai. I’ve ordered a gorgeous Akuna motorhome. But it’s going to be late 2023 before I get it, thanks to Covid-related supply issues with vehicles and components.

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