The beauty of Mount Beauty

I’ve just returned from the 5th annual Gidget teardrop owners camp at Mt Beauty. I’ve been to 4 of these now, even though I’ve never owned a Gidget. But I do own a teardrop (though it’s been sitting idle in my garage since I got my Trakkadu). However, the reason I’ve been invited along each year is that I’m a friend of Nadine, who’s been organising this camp since 2007. It’s always held around Anzac Day, just after the autumn school holidays. And each year although there’s a different bunch of people joining a core of regulars, everyone always seems to get along well.

Sunrise on my first morning at camp

When I arrived on April 24, The Park was as full as I’ve ever seen it. It was the last day of school holidays and the place was abuzz with the energy of kids running amok and bikes strewn everywhere. I had a pretty riverside spot and by the second day, when all the holiday madness had come to an end, it was lovely to relax and enjoy the quiet peace of the water flowing along the West Kiewa River.

Nadine keeps the camp program fairly light so people are free to do as they please. There was a camp dinner one night (I cooked tofu biryani, which seemed to go down well), and a trivia night the next, which my team (with Tony, Jo and Imelda) somehow managed to win! However we were robbed of the double-header when the prize for the best limerick was awarded to a team that sucked up to Nadine by using her name in their not-so-rhythmic rhyme.

Trivia night around the fires

The weather was mostly good, and though rain was predicted, there was only one day of light drizzle. So Mala and I were able to head out on a few lovely walks. These included:

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