Balmy Barmah

Ok, so that headline is a little misleading, since in February it’s still a bit on the hotter side of balmy at Barmah. Though our first evening there was lovely. Then it got a little bit too hot for camping with only gum trees for shade.

Looking across the mighty Murray River at Barmah

Regardless, we had a lovely time. I love the river red gum forest. The morning light shining through the trees is divine.

An early morning walk in the Barmah Forest

And of course, we love to walk and there are several tracks through the forest that are perfect for long walks. That’s why I chose to come here even though I knew the hot weather might make the afternoons uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, many of the tracks are not driveable after 4-wheel-drives have ploughed deep furrows into them in wet weather. So it’s a bit hit-and-miss when it comes to getting into campsites – even in the dry weather. We stayed at the Barmah Bridge Caravan Park to avoid the hassle.

Campsites are likely more accessible in the nearby Barmah National Park – but I can’t camp there with Mala.

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