Charmed by Lake Charm

I set off with the intention of camping at Reedy Lake for a couple of nights. The idea was to free-camp without power to get a sense of how my battery is going (I accidentally ran it completely flat a couple of months ago).

Reedy Lake

There was only one other van at the small campsite when I arrived. Unfortunately, they’d parked their caravan and car in a way that completely blocked off any view of the lake for anyone else. I found a patch of grass to park on and pointed my van away from the first campers into a view of the eucalypts nearby. That turned out to be quite fortunate as another caravan showed up and parked between us.

My battery held up well overnight (with the fridge running on the coldest setting). And it recharged well in the morning from my solar panels.

Our campsite at Reedy Lake

Ibis Rookery

I didn’t feel like staying another night at Reedy Lake, so decided to go home after a look at the Ibis Rookery on the adjacent Middle Lake.

The rookery did not disappoint. So much birdlife! There’s a two-storey bird hide for viewing the birds without disturbing them. And there’s a short nature walk nearby – although I wasn’t game to chance a reptile encounter by venturing into the overgrown section .

View across Middle Lake from the bird hide

Lake Charm

Feeling a bit down about my choice of campsite, I thought I might as well drive on a little further and have a look at Lake Charm before heading home. Two lakeside caravan parks were signposted from the main road. The first had a lovely foreshore area, but it didn’t look like you could camp on it. And it was chock full of ugly annual sites. The second was a different story. Although it too was full of annual sites, they’ve recently created 10 powered sites on the lawns right in front of the lake. The view was superb.

So I set up camp and stayed for 2 nights. While I mostly sat and watched a few pelicans demonstrate their takeoff and landing skills (they are amazing), Mala chased swallows and had the occasional ‘swim’. One the second night, I slept with the tailgate of the van open to the lake hoping to catch a view of the sunrise. In the early hours of the morning, a thunderstorm woke me. Fortunately, there wasn’t much rain so I was able to just lay in bed and watch the light show over the lake.

This is definitely a place to revisit, off peak. It must be packed to the rafters during the holiday season.

Our campsite at Lake Charm
Sunset at Lake Charm
A pink sliver of dawn after a thunderstorm.

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