Amazing Lake Tyrrell

I’d never heard of this place before heading to Sea Lake to camp for a couple of days. Formed by the inundation of the Murray-Darling Basin and its subsequent retreat, this is Victoria’s largest salt lake. Saltbush and samphire dot the landscape around the lake, and apparently small islands in the lake create a breeding ground for seagulls – I didn’t notice any birds at all, but it was quite windy.

Beyond the sign – the pink salt lake Tyrrell

Apparently it’s a great place to watch the night sky, and to observe the sunrise and sunset. But I didn’t know any of this, so didn’t think about the timing of my visit. I just rocked up after packing up camp and before heading home. Wow!

The Sky Lounge at Lake Tyrrell

On Wergaia Country, Lake Tyrrell is a significant site for Aboriginal astronomy, and evidence of human habitation dates back at least 38,000 years.

Along with the Sky Lounge, the local council has built a new viewing platform and walkway that allows you to walk right out into the pink saltiness, without getting your feet wet or wrecking your footwear (though there were lots of footprints, so some people obviously can’t resist).

The new walkway
The pink lake as seen from the walkway.

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