Huge river red gums

During this latest lockdown, I’ve been planning a camping trip with the aim of visiting some of the biggest river red gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis) in Victoria. I was inspired after walking through the Barmah Forest while camping there in July. I didn’t realise at the time, but Barmah Forest is one of the two largest river red gum forests in the country.

According to Dean Nicolle, a well known Eucalypt expert, the biggest river red gum in Australia is at Colignan, on the Murray River near Buxton’s Bend. Known as ‘Gnarly Tree‘, it stands just over 31 metres, with a circumference of 15.28 metres and a canopy spread of around 33 metres. Dean posted photos of the tree on Facebook.

In the same location is another big gum, ‘Tall Tree‘, number 20 on Dean’s list. This one is taller at 44.5 metres, with a slightly wider canopy (34.5m), but a smaller circumference (10.28m).

If you’re interested, you can download a PDF version of Dean’s list of our largest river red gums.

River red gum flowers – photo by Rexness