Walking the O’Keefe Rail Trail

Sensing an impending lockdown, I decided to get out and enjoy the last few hours of freedom by walking the O’Keefe Rail Trail. Starting in Heathcote, we (my friend Kate and I, along with Mala) walked the first few kilometres of the trail and back again. Later that day, the state’s 6th lockdown was announced.

A week later, regional Victoria’s restrictions were loosened, so I headed back to the trail. In the first week, I drove over to Heathcote each day to walk the next 4 sections. My friend Kate joined me most days. The following week, I decided the hour-each-way drive was a bit of a chore, so I camped at the local caravan park for a couple of nights.

Each of the 8 days we walked, we did a 3 to 6km section of the track and then returned. Yes, we could have parked cars at either end of the section, but I like seeing things from a different perspective. And I was in no hurry to finish the trail. By the time we went back into lockdown (after a cluster emerged in Shepparton), we’d started the section from Axedale to Bendigo. When lockdown is over, we’ll finish the trail.

O’Keefe Rail Trail at Knowsley State Forest