Life in Ky

A spur-of-the-moment house purchase led me back to Kyabram, the town where I was born.

After almost 40 years in Melbourne, I’m as surprised as anyone else to find myself back here. I live about 600 metres from where my mother gave birth to me, and diagonally opposite the first school I attended. Of course, I’ve done some mileage in between.

When I left here I thought I’d never want to come back — as teenager full of ideas and looking for adventure, the town had no redeeming features. But now I’m seeing the place with new eyes.

Yes, it’s as flat as I remember. But it has its charms. The changing colours and shapes of the orchards as the seasons pass. The wide open sky.  The abundant bird life. And the quiet.

And yes, the dominant political flavour is still an unpalatable conservatism with an unhealthy dose of xenophobia. But those views are not universal. I’ve met some wonderful people here.

And while I’m smack-bang in the middle of a dairy district, I can get a vegan meal at the local pub. Although the first time I ate out I was given a short but very stern lecture about not lecturing anyone about my vegan values.

I’ve been here a little over 4 years now. I love my little house and the slower pace of life. And I’m starting to make a few connections in the town. I think I might stay a while.

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